You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about The Muffler Shop:

Honest shop with fair prices.

Matthew K.

Solved problem quickly. Very friendly service.

Bobby K.

This is a great place to get your car fixed right. They use six Sigma and lean practice to get their work done right so you know they did their job well.

Kush S.

Had my brakes done here shortly after moving into town. Fair prices, good work and excellent customer service. As a student on a budget I can't ask for more than that. Highly recommend.

Jake F.

I'm a college student at Michigan tech, and when I knew I had a problem with my brakes that I couldn't fix myself due to lack of time/tools I took it to another shop who basically blew me off and told me I was exaggerating the problem. Then I decided to try the muffler shop. They listened to my explanation and took their time, to call me before doing anything to the vehicle. They didn't give me the run around trying to sell me on replacing other parts either and told me what I could do myself instead of spending extra $$. They also warranty their work! Great friendly shop would recommend to anyone for any auto repair. Very great business which is hard to say for an auto repair shop.

David E.

This shop was great to work with. I am from out of state, but my son needed some exhaust work done on the car he had at college in Houghton. The shop gave him rides back and forth from campus, got the work done quickly, and had reasonable prices.

Kurt E.

What great service. While on vacation in the UP we were in need of a new muffler. We tried several places in Munising and Marquette and were told we couldn't get an appointment for 4 to 8 days. Called ahead to Houghton and Tim made sure we were taken care of properly. They loaned us a van to visit the Mineral Museum while they replaced our muffler. The bill came in under their initial estimate. They had our car ready and waiting, even hooked up our utility trailer for us. To top it off there were 4 bags of delicious gourmet popcorn in our car, compliments of Tim at The Muffler Shop. Thank you for the amazing service and hospitality!

Deb B.

Excellent service every time. Muffler Shop communicates well, and does as promised. After bringing your vehicle here you will have a tough time going to other shops. Brought it my car a month ago for repairs. A few weeks later it started making a grinding noise again. It was just a small fix related to the previous repair. No charge for a minor shop error. It's nice bringing your car to a place where they do the right thing.

Adam T.

Quick, efficient, and communicate effectively with customers. Offered a fr3e ride to and from campus during the repair. Extremely friendly, and most importantly came in under budget (and lower than another quote I got by about 30%). Overall, good folks, would recommend.

Linas T.

I took my car to the Ford dealership for an estimate of repair. They wanted $1,500 for a part plus 6 hours of labor. I wouldn't have gotten out of there for under $2,000. Furthermore, the Ford service dealership had my car for 3 days just for the estimate. I started to shop around because I wasn't happy with the customer service, and the prices they had to offer. Being a college student at Michigan Tech I wasn't sure which places to bring my vehicle to considering my lack of knowledge for the area. I decided to try The Muffler Shop, and I have had a wonderful experience. I brought my car in on the scheduled day and within a few hours they had an estimate on the repair bill. The made sure to do the repair the most cost effective way without compromising safety and reliability. They ended up finding more things wrong with my vehicle then the Ford Dealership did. And here is the kicker... They were able to fix my vehicle for a fraction of the cost... roughly $380. For a college kid, you can't beat it.

Furthermore, the staff was also very pleasant, nice, and truthful. I will be referring them to everyone and move all my business to their shop.


Jeff L.

I always bring my car here, they know me by name and I'm just a tech student! I recommend them for all work, and always tell my friends about them.

Stacie S.

The Muffler Shop gave me a lower estimate for front end work, and they were able to schedule me a day earlier, than a competitor. They completed the work in just a few hours and I was able to get my van back before the end of the day. The shop is clean and comfortable, the guys are honest, the prices are good, and they do so much more than mufflers. My son's car is there right now. I trust them with all my vehicles.

Betsy O.

I had brake work done by the Muffler Shop and was happy with the outcome. The staff is very friendly and show a genuine interest in your vehicle and its repair. They answered all questions and concerns that I had, and made me feel comfortable with the price and work to be done without suggesting unnecessary repairs.


I take all my car problems here! They are always so friendly and willing to give me rides to and from a destination if I need one and willing to describe the problem in detail. They are reasonably priced and can always get you in on time! When I call for an appointment I usually get in within 3 days at the most, and they will have your car fixed THAT day! I have gotten my muffler fixed here along with changing my tires, repairing my engine coil, getting new brake pads, and so on. Not to mention, once they repair your car they usually leave a treat in your car :) I definitely recommend The Muffler Shop!

Cassandra B.

I had the muffler shop install a custom exhaust on my truck. They took the time to listen to what I wanted and discuss my options, taking a genuine interest in my truck. I was very impressed by both the quality of the workmanship and the friendliness of the entire staff. I wish all auto shops were run like this one.